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Risk Management

Our risk management services offer a safe haven from the rough seas of volatile bunker markets.

Global energy markets have never been more volatile and bunker price fluctations can expose the shipowner and operator to unexpected increases in costs that impact upon profitability. Our aim is to maximise our clients’ control of operating costs, minimising the chance that an unforeseen surge in bunker prices might blow their operation off course.

We provide our clients with a full range of financial tools to mitigate the risk of unexpected developments in the global bunker markets. We offer fixed price agreements and financial swaps. The service is tailored to our clients’ requirements and their risk appetite, and carries the security of the full expertise of Peninsula Petroleum's dedicated team.

With Peninsula Petroleum's fixed price contracts our clients specify the period of the agreement, the ports for delivery and agrees the cost of the bunkers. We do the rest, ensuring the delivery of the premium fuels with the sterling service for which Peninsula Petroleum is now famous.

Our financial swaps offer an excellent hedge against rising bunker markets with prices fixed against a floating index (normally Platts), while providing our clients with considerable flexibility.