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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is targeting a reduction in CO2 emissions (from a 2008 baseline) of 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050, and a 50% reduction in overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Peninsula has initiated its Global Sustainability Initiative. Having been one of the first suppliers to provide Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) in 2019, Peninsula has since focused its strategy on transition and renewable marine energy.

As part of the reduction in our CO2 footprint, we are committed to developing sustainable energy solutions and LNG is our chosen transition fuel on this journey.

We continue to develop our services and adapt our infrastructures to meet the increasing demand for LNG as a clean marine fuel, suitable for all vessel types.

By including LNG in our product range, we aim to help protect the environment, combat global warming and support our customers with their clean transport aspirations.

Driving Peninsula’s transition to a cleaner future

LNG provides Peninsula the opportunity to continue supporting our customers in the same way that we have done for the past 25 years, but with a more sustainable solution that mutually advances our green energy vision.

Peninsula has already commenced LNG bunkering supply, drawing on our integrated global supply network and bunker expertise.

We have also started developing our own LNG bunkering barges. Initially, these assets will supply LNG in our Mediterranean hub with future deployment dependent on the progression of global LNG bunker demand. Peninsula already enjoys a worldwide bunkering footprint and our aspirations are to match this position with LNG.

We are committed to building LNG solutions where they are required by our customers. Contact your local Peninsula sales team for more information.

Please send your enquiries to [email protected] or contact your local Peninsula sales team for more information.

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